Friday 8:30-12:45 | Saturday 9:30-12:45


Continental Breakfast

Soft boiled egg, Olives, Confiture, Cream Cheese, a Selection of Bread and Pastries,
Hot beverage or Fresh juice of your choice

36 nis

Repubblica Breakfast

a Selection of Bread and Pastries, Olives, Confiture, Frittata or Eggs, Panzanella salad, Cheese
Hot beverage & Fresh juice

56 nis

Repubblica Breakfast For Two

a Selection of Bread and Pastries, Frittata or Eggs, Olives, Confiture, Panzanella salad, Herb salad, Salumi, Cured fish, Cheese, Small Yogurt & Granola
Hot beverage & Fresh juice

108 nis

French Toast

a Golden Brioche, served with Creme Fraiche & Fresh Fruits

38 nis

Bisteca & Egg

With Tomato, Mustard and Potato Cubes

68 nis

A plate of Vegetables

Rough cut Fresh Vegetables with olive oil & lemon

28 nis

Good Morning

Yogurt di Bufala, Home made Granola & Seasonal Fruit
Hot beverage or Fresh juice of your choice

42 nis

Poached Eggs

On Toast with Roasted Tomatoes & Herbs

46 nis


Panzanella Salad - 18
Frittata - 22
Eggs of your choice - 20
Mozzarella di Bufala - 15
Emmental Cheese - 15
Cream Cheese - 9
Cured fish - 18
Smoked Salmon - 20
Salumi - 14
Panceta - 14



Crema di mascarpone & biscotti in espresso

38 nis

Classic Creme Brulee

36 nis

Tarte Tatin

Served with Creme Anglaise

34 nis

Baked Cheese Cake

39 nis

Chocolate Nemesis

with creme fraiche

39 nis

Gelato Affogato

Vanilla ice cream with Espresso

32 nis

Gelato Meringue

Mascarpone ice cream with Meringue fingers

32 nis

Sorbet Campari and grapefruit

26 nis

Vin Santo & Biscotti

22 nis

Dessert Wine

Sauternes Chateu Monteils -36
Port Otima 10 years - 48



Kir Royale
Aperol Shpritz
Bloody Mary

22 nis

Fresh Juice

Lemonade / Pink Grapefruit - 12
Fresh Orange / Organic Apple - 14

Hot Drinks

Espresso / Cappuccino / Le Palais Des The's